*Example* Overview:

Identification (ID):*****
Title: Entrance - Facility (for comparision see www.henatel.de, sorry no time or money for several languages there)
Industrial Sector(s): electrical appliances, construction
Customers: every inhabitant, every company are potential customers
Competitive Products: intercom systems, doorbells, etc.
Ratio Amount / Expense: very high: development time and production very convenient (comparision with other manufacturers: calculated prime costs are far under market price level of competitive products, while these do not have the entertainment value), high overturn can be expected (see customers), development complete up to functional model
Summary: Entrance - Facility having the following functions: intercom system, electronic doorbell, power supply, two color LED illuminated doorbell push - button, trigger for entrance illumination and possibly video monitoring, alarm device. It brings in addition the entertainment value that a visitor is automatically greeted and allows easily additional functions (e.g. door opener). Easily DIY (do-it-yourself) mountable, bifilar connection between interior and exterior sufficient. Door opener functionality through same connection possible, push - button present (not independent, uses same power supply). Facility consists out of an interior and an exterior mountable device.
Proposal Contains Options: 1
State of development, intelligibleness and completeness: Developed up to functional model, improvement and new versions planned, more than in patent specification, detailed description of innovation
Originality, improvement step: Little step as improvement, but the idea to welcome the visitor in a kind way is original
Type Of Innovation (from 1 to 6, see *): 4, patent granted
Connection To Other Suggestions --

(*): Type of innovation from 1 to 6:
1 = just product idea
6 = important technical innovation, includes at least one patentable innovation

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